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weight loss mistakes |10 dieting mistakes


weight loss mistakes mostly people do

If you want to learn how to lose weight by avoiding some common but biggest weight loss mistakes than you have come to the right place. Here I am going to share 10 worst mistakes that you might be making, which are preventing you from achieving fitness and weight or fat loss foods.

1. Not looking at your suitabilityweight loss mistakes

Suitability also plays major mistake during weight loss. In some regions your dieting foods are not available are also climate conditions are not properly to do dieting. Your family does not encourage you to diet this is one of the weight loss mistakes. The budget also needed for your dieting in some cases the families budget does not enough to purchase the dieting foods they simply boycott the dieting.

Note:- Eat only the seasonal foods that are available in every season for dieting and also choose your foods that should available in your locality.

2. Not paying attention to planning

Most people do this common weight loss mistakes because they didn’t prepare the plan. There is no plan you can’t going to lose your weight. You need to note each and every point on paper. What to eat, when we eat these are such principals should follow. prepare a meal plan for week or 2. Involving the family members in your diet because all members doing diet it encourages us to do diet and you can lose weight very easily.

3. Meal preparation as per diet plan

Plan for meal preparation if you have a busy schedule. Noway days most families do not have enough time to do dieting so they need to prepare the dieting plan for meal preparation. They eat unhealthy foods that are available on the streets, so they need some cooking in advance can save you from eating junk foods. So prepare the plan for eating foods in your diet plan.

4. Eating unhealthy foods thinking it healthy

Eating lots of unhealthy foods that thinking it’s healthy this is one the weight loss mistakes that people can do. A lot of foods are available in the market as healthy but it’s not specifically if you are trying for weight loss. Don’t fall for those misleading ads, read the ingredients list or nutrition value. For best example baked chips that available in the market that is unhealthy to eat such food.

5. Looking for very quick results

Every person in the world wants to look quick results in just a few days. They are doing such a big weight loss mistakes in their life. They need to patience and focus on being for and healthy not just slim they need to live a healthy and better life. Fat loss is more important than weight loss. Don’t believe the spammy ads that show how to lose weight in one week. You didn’t gain it in a few days, then how can you lose it. Think yourself and don’t follow the misleading ads.

6. Eating too much healthy food (especially after work out portion time)

Not controlling portion of healthy foods. Eating too many calories from healthy foods without controlling the portion. You need to eat in a limit that gives you best results, eating too much that shows negative effects. Eating too much in post-workout thinking that you have worked hard and eat a lot it was lead to weight gain.

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7. Not focusing on sleep, stress and water consumption

This very important weight loss mistakes that many peoples do in the think of living healthy they are not focusing on sleep. Every person needs to sleep minimum 7-8 hours in a day. Stress leads to increase the cortisol hormone so they need to do Yoga and meditation for stress-free. Most people don’t drink the water that requires to our body they need to consume minimum 1-2 liters of water in a day.

8. Forgetting to live life (too many restrictions on diet)

Very restrictive diet it’s not possible to follow a restrictive diet for a long time because it leads to effects to your health. So never give up your favorite food at one, start with reducing portion and then slowly distant from it your food. Have a cheat meal in a week, not a cheat day.

9. Exercising too much or too little

Don’t over exercising on calorie restrictive diet because you would face the problem of doing hydration, tiredness, the lot of body pains. Do the as per your requirement exercise bit not too much little. Do strength out 3-4 times a week walking and light cardio can be done in 5-6 times a week.

10. Overeating out of guilt (don’t waste the food)

Enough to eat the food it’s better. After eating some people do put a lot of food in their dishes and they eat to enough and the food are remaining in their dishes and they feel guilty to leave the food in dishes so they overeat such foods that remaining in the dishes. So only put how you can eat the food and don’t waste the food.

Important advice :-

Never give up on a nutrient like carbs or fat completely. They have important role and functions to play in our body.


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