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Typhoid fever :Symptoms, treatment, prevention



Typhoid is the common fever in the world today. Typhoid fever can be seen in where is not properly clean management. In developed countries, typhoid fever occurs very low but in developing countries in the world like India, Bangladesh, Philippines it spread very high. There have more chances to affect typhoid fever where the people live in slum areas, unhealthy regions, dumping areas like garbage throws and there surroundings are not cleanly those people have more chance to affect typhoid.

Typhoid fever :Symptoms, treatment, prevention

Typhoid fever symptoms

When the bacteria enters into the body we can’t identify the symptoms after one or two weeks for this process called incubation period. Once typhoid fever occurs it stay up to 3 to 4 weeks.


It lowers the hunger and headache will occur.

Decrease the heartbeat rate and also decrease the white blood cells count (leucopenia). Diarrhea, stomach pain, and body pains will occur.

Severe fever occurs up to above 104-degree Fahrenheit temperature.
Most people suffer chest pain also.

In rare cases of some people, we can see rashes and purple color spots appear on the neck and stomach.

How to determine the typhoid fever

1. In the first week, we can determine through the blood test to find blood culture. So this test called gold standard test.

2. After first-week Vidal test called serological examine during the blood test for determining typhoid. Some doctors allow to Vidal test in the first week but there is no use. It gives bad results to the patient.

3. In third-week bone marrow test will be conducted for determining typhoid. These tests are conducted for determining typhoid in the patient.

Treatment for typhoid

For typhoid fever, if treatment is not taken it has increased the chances to the death of the patient. With this 104-degree Fahrenheit, fever comes it shows bad effects. So typhoid affected people need to take treatment immediately and do a complete course of medicine that doctor suggest.

Multidrug-resistant typhoid

Present days multi-drug resistant type of typhoid also can be seen. It occurs due to a lot of antibiotics would be taken for a long time. This fever can’t have treatment because antibiotics of typhoid give to the patient it does not work properly because a lot of antibiotics would be taken in past. These symptoms are not like regular ad typhoid fever.

In this case, the patient needs to more careful and need to take proper treatment. So people who use more antibiotics for little problems for those people if typhoid occurs it leads to severe conditions.

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Vaccines are available for typhoid fever

vaccine for typhoid is available in present days. Due to this vaccine, 60 to 70 percent of prevention for typhoid would occur. Types of vaccine are

1. Inactivated typhoid vaccine: In this vaccine, it has the ability to typhoid spreading bacteria will be inactive. It is given through injection.

2. Live typhoid vaccine: This vaccine decreases the strength of typhoid bacteria. This given through mouth (oral).

People who are traveling long distances and they take outdoor foods for those people it good to take this vaccine.

Severe symptoms of typhoid

If typhoid occurs it affects the kidney failure, internal organ bleeding, the brain does not work properly these are the severe symptoms of typhoid.

How the typhoid fever spreads

Typhoid fever spreads through eaten of polluted foods and it also spreads through one person to another person. It comes from salmonella type called gram-negative bacteria. Non – maintenance of toilets cleanly it spreads. It has a second type of bacteria that causes less severe called salmonella para typical. This bacteria can find in rare in some people only. When it comes the treatment and test are the same for determining typhoid.

Prevention of typhoid

People who do not wash there hands it have more chance to affect the typhoid fever. So when we ready to eat wash hands before eating. And also wash hands after coming out from the toilet with soap cleanly.

Boiled water need to drink if water does not boil it has some bacteria alive. It better to drink boiled water when we boiled the bacteria has died.

Rice, curries eat when they hot. Always prefer to eat serve hot foods only. Avoid street foods.

It has also had a chance to spread through flies also so it’s better to cover the foods and maintain surroundings clean.

Don’t use ice because it made through polluted water so it leads to occur typhoid fever.

They are the prevention methods should be followed to avoid typhoid.


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