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Top 10 best ever Christmas finger foods


Christmas is the merriest time of the year. The chill in the air, the festivity makes everyone happy. Also, it is the best time to hold parties. A party is all about that togetherness. Doing this time, everyone wants to be near with their friends and family. And when talking about parties one cannot leave the foods. Christmas finger foods are the best element in any parties. They can be a great companion to the gossips and the guest can feel merrier with the assorted finger foods. But arranging an array of delicious treats can obtain be a matter of headache. To help below are the top 10 best Christmas finger foods which can brighten any party.

Top 10 best Christmas finger foods

1.Cheese wontons

Wontons are a type of dumpling which can be made very easily. The best thing about this is the fact that they can be fried or steamed can be filled with anything. But during Christmas one can fill them with cheese and some with salsa dip to make the guests happier.

2. Bacon Jalapeno Poppers

Bacon is a very popular dish in whole America and Americans are love to eat bacon and Bacon’s are the best Christmas finger foods ever. Anything goes well with Bacon, therefore, the host can experiment by grabbing the jalapenos with bacon. And we can guarantee that they will be finished in no time.

3. Cheesy garlic pull

Garlic bread is Love, everybody. Therefore it will be your classic Christmas finger foods in any party. But how to make it even better? The answer is to make glossy garlic pull out bread. Which will love this cheesy goodness? to make it extra fish stew one can arrange it in the shape of a Christmas tree.

4. Stuffed mushrooms

Mushrooms have a unique tested, flavor profile mushrooms are the children much-loved food and they can eat very happy. This is equally not – fussy to make. The mushroom caps just have to be filled with meat, cheese or any other fillings and they are to be grilled to perfection.

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5. Voila

The perfect Christmas finger foods are ready. 5 fried mashed potato balls with cheese mashed potato are the classic Christmas dinner item. But one can serve it as finger food also. One just has to take a small ball of mashed potato and insert cheese cube inside it. Then it will be fried till golden. These balls are best served with spicy dip.

Christmas finger foods

6. Cheese platter

It is the easiest Christmas finger foods to deliver and the best part is it does not even need a recipe. One can take the cheese cubes and decorate the platter with crackers, grapes etc. The prettier the platter, the better it is to serve and make them very happy with this food

7. Meatballs on a stick

If you think meatballs can only be a great companion if the spaghetti you are wrong. They can be equally good finger food. The secret is to prepare them with a sauce that is sweet yet smoky. The host can experiment with the test of the sauce. But the most important thing is to serve them in a plate with small sticks, so that the guests, hands won’t be messy.

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8. Crab meat poppers

Crab meat is healthy and very good dish it has a great choice to serve in Christmas parties. The tasty crab meat can be mixed with cream cheese, mayonnaise, and seasoning. Afterward, the purpose can be rolled into the panko bread crumbs and tried to make the ultimate Christmas finger foods.

9. Sausages

Christmas cannot be completed without this classic Christmas finger food. Sausages are a very popular food item in the whole America and the world too and many people loved to eat in parties. Only has to roll the sausages into the sheets and bake them to perfection. Serve on the plate and watch them get vanished.

10. Cocktail shrimps

It is one of the best Christmas finger foods.This dish is as easy as it can get and yet it is packed with flavors. The shrimps should be mixed with olive oil, black pepper, lemon juice, grated cheese, and parsley and then baked to perfect golden.

Final words

These are the top 10 best Christmas finger foods ever that can be made your festive very happy and tasty. And those foods can be served in parties you can rock the party with those foods.


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