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Health benefits of peanuts :12 benefits that keep you fit


Health benefits of peanuts

Peanuts conjointly known as as ground nutty as a result of they obtained from the bottom. Peanuts area unit popularly used as seed oil in India. They are easily available around the year and almost everywhere in India. Peanuts also are taken as snacks in several households particularly in India. In reality, peanuts are actually legumes.It have a lot of health benefits of peanuts that keeps you fit

But since they have all the properties of nuts like almonds, cashew nuts etc there are also included in the family of nuts. Peanuts and peanut butter are full of nutrients. Vitamins and minerals, including vitamin E, magnesium and potassium as well as bioactive components like resveratrol and phytosterols are packed in small peanuts kernels, making them a healthy and critical addition to your snacks and meals

Health benefits of peanuts

1. Boost your metabolism

Peanuts give key nutrients that may facilitate keep your metabolism at its best. It helps to stimulate your metabolism. Purdue University found that after eating peanuts regularly for 19 weeks on regular basis have lower body weights and lower body mass index (BMI). So including peanuts or peanut butter as a nutritious addition to your diet for best results.

2. Fights depression

Low serotonin levels lead to depression. Tryptophan in peanuts increases the release of the chemical and thus helps you fight depression. Health benefits of peanuts help many ways and you should need to take two tablespoons of peanut butter each week in order to keep those dangerous diseases keep away and stay to healthy.

3. Prevents heart diseases

Peanuts area unit made in monounsaturated fats, the type of fat that is emphasized in the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. Studies of diets with a special emphasis on peanuts have shown that little legume is a big ally for a healthy heart. In addition to there, monounsaturated fat content peanuts feature an array of other nutrients that help to keep our heart healthy and strong.


Peanuts contain anti-oxidants in high concentrations. These anti-oxidants become additional active once peanuts area unit stewed. There is a 2-time increase in biochanin A and 4 times increase the genistein content. These reduce the damage done by free-radically produced in the body. To lower your risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease, enjoy handful peanuts or other nuts at least 4 times a week.

5. Save you from gallstones

Just an ounce of peanuts or two tablespoons of peanut butter each week can save you from gallstones or gall bladder diseases with 25% reduce the risk. This amazing the benefits of peanuts keep all diseases away.

6.Eating nuts lower risk of weight gain

Although nuts are known to provide a variety of cardioprotective benefits, many avoid them for fear of weight gain. A protective study published in the journal obesity shows such fears are groundless. In fact, people who eat nuts at least twice a week are much less likely to gain weight than those who almost eat nuts.

7.Can reduce colon cancer

Peanuts can reduce colon cancer, especially in women. Eating at least 2 spoons of peanut butter twice a week can reduce the risk of colon cancer in women by up to 58% and in men by up to 27%. This is one amongst the simplest health edges of peanuts.


Peanuts have been found to contain the potent anti-aging molecule resveratrol, the same phytochemical found in red wine and grapes. Studies have shown that resveratrol will fight the proliferation of fat cells and improve the uptake of sugar from the blood. The resveratrol in peanuts in found in the seed itself and the skin.

9.Brain food for kids

Peanuts are rich in proteins. The amino acids gift in them area unit sensible for correct growth and development of the body. Peanut butter is a kid-friendly and nutritionally food. Most kids love to eat peanut butter. The health benefits of peanuts for children include a good supply of acids for brain development, the supply of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Peanut butter contains omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids area unit ideal for brain development for your kid. As your child grows he needs to a regular supply of these fatty acids.

10.Prevents diabetes

This is one of the health benefits of peanuts it also decreases diabetes too. Persons who eat peanuts regularly he safe from diabetes. Because peanuts contain manganese so it helps to prevent diabetes.

11.Boost your immune system

In peanuts contains high amount of manganese, copper, phosphorus, magnesium such minerals are give strength to the white blood cells so it boost our immune system.

12.Prevents many cancers

Peanuts have p-kovmeric acid this acid protects from the digestive system cancers. If also contain the beta – sitosterol type of phytosterol protects from many cancers like liver cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, etc.

Conclusion :-

This is the health benefits of peanuts that can help you a very lot keep follow this article mention points it gives you best results .


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