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Health benefits of oranges and side effects


Health benefits of oranges

Oranges are the very popular fruit itas easily available in the market with reasonable price. Oranges are very good in taste and it has a lot of health benefits of oranges it makes the body fit by protecting many diseases. Some people are not aware of the benefits of oranges. Here are the health benefits of oranges.

Health benefits of oranges and side effects

Strengthen the immunity system

Oranges contain huge amounts of vitamin – c and antioxidant. So this its help to strengthen the immunity system. Due to the presence of vitamin – c and antioxidants it helps to prevent many deadly cancers like breast cancer, lungs cancer, skin cancer blood cancer and other types of cancers.

Prevents from diabetes

Yes! This fruit controls the blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes because it contains huge fibers. In the pancreas, it stops the producing of lipids and insulin. This is a very good fruit for people who are suffering from diabetes they should take regular basis on diet.

Protects from skin problems

This is one of the health benefits of oranges that maintain skin health and decrease the diseases of the skin. It protects from skin wrinkles and controls the skin textures. It gives shine to our skin. It decreases the black spots and also pimples. It works good toner for the skin.

Decrease the problem of kidney

Oranges are very good for kidneys. If we drink orange juice one glass daily it decreases many kidney problems and it also prevents the formation of stones in the kidney. It also protects from viral infections. If we drink an orange juice or 1 – 2 oranges on regular basis it shows best results for our body.

Keeps our stomach healthy

Presence of high amount of fibers orange is not only good for diabetes patient it also helps to keep our stomach healthy. It protects from stomach ulcers, so that’s why the orange is very good fruit we need to add on regular diet food it makes healthy and fit.

Gives prevention from heart diseases

Orange prevents the many heart diseases and it is very good fruit for our heart. Oranges keep away the various types of heart diseases like heart attack and other heart-related diseases. It contains flavonoids that which prevent arteries from blocking and also decrease the bad cholesterol in the body.

Protects our eyes health

This is one of the health benefits of oranges that keeps our eyes healthy because the presence of potassium, vitamin – A so it increase our vision power and prevent from sudden blindness. It prevents several eye diseases. If we eat one orange on regular basis it gives the best results to our eyes.

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Maintain normal blood pressure

Presence of potassium in a high manner it is very good for maintaining our blood pressure and also maintain the sodium levels in the body. Oranges are very helping to control blood pressure.

To prevent heart strokes

Citric acid is available in huge in oranges it has many health benefits to our body with this acid. The person who take or use one orange in daily basis he will be safe from heart strokes and it reduces the risk from strokes. If we also consume this fruit in the diet it keeps healthy and fit to the body.

Cure many viral infections

Orange prevent many viral infections and also helps to cure the infections. If you are suffering from any viral infections eat 1 – 2 oranges in the morning on regular basis. You will notice that you are relifing from the viral infection in a few days.

Side effects of oranges

Health benefits of oranges on one hand and other hand side effects of oranges it has both. When we consume excessive amounts of anything that gives bad results for health and body too. Let’s know some side effects of oranges in the below.

If we eat more than 1 – 2 oranges on regular basis it increases the weight due to it contains high fibers and carbohydrates so it increases the fat in the body. So take limited oranges in a day it is good for health.

Oranges damage the digestive system and also occurs the stomach pain. So take only one orange in the day only.

When we consume more oranges or juice in a day it has a chance to increase diabetes in the body. So the diabetes patient needs to take only one glass juice or one orange only.

Oranges damage the teeth because it contains some acids. Its chance to occur bacterial infection and cavity in the mouth.


This is the health benefits of oranges mention in this article I hope this article was helpful to my readers…


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