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Top 10 best finger foods for baby | nutrition for babies


Finger foods for baby

Feeding babies would possibly generally end up to be one in all the troublesome tasks and even making an attempt to encourage your baby to self -feed, takes time. for that, you can work healthy food items in a fun way through which baby can enjoy and alongside the fun, and consume nutrients rich foods. Try the following best finger foods for baby.

finger foods for baby
Finger food


This is first priority of the finger foods for baby fruits are the natural girf of God.Fruits happen to be the source of plenty of nutrients and vitamins, consuming fruits is a must. There area unit numerous ways that to create fruits terribly attention-grabbing for your children. You can make cubed avocados, ripe peeled and sliced peaches, soft and halved blueberries , cubed watermelon,ripe peeled and cubed pead etc.and make them eat fruits in fun yet healthy way.

2. Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are the major source of fiber, the folate, care tenoid and much more. Hence they’re essential components of our healthy diet. Trough various dishes prepared with exciting shapes and sizes, you can make excellent finger foods for baby. You can try following items yourself: potatoes cooked with olive oil and cubed,cubed or tiny shaped bananas, steamed and cubed butter not squash. Roasted and cubed sweet potatoes, cooked and soften carrot slices peeled and cubed tomatoes, baked squash.

3. Spicy chicken items

Consuming non-vegetarian foods is also essential food for those who prefer consuming these items. Chicken can be cooked, roasted, shallow fried and made the variety of things with it. Chicken is considered to be the rich source of various nutrients and minerals including fiber, vitamins B-6, vitamin A, vitamin B-12, potassium and many more. Especially chicken cooked and shredded chicken, homemade chicken, Turkey nuggets can be enjoying as well as healthy for your kids.

4. Eggs

This is the best finger foods for baby.Eggs can be boiled, scrambled, stirred, beaten together and will make great nutrition- rich dish for your baby. Eggs contain lot of proteins and vitamin E, vitamin A that keeps your baby healthy. Especially scrambled eggs are most kids favorite item. You can make it in other forms too if offers lots of nutrients including proteins.

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5. Whole grain toasts

Whole grain toasts are rich in fiber as well as minerals including folate, thiamine and many proteins and many more energy sources for your baby. Hence you can try making cubed whole grain toasts, homemade mini muffins and make it a treat for your kids.

6. Dairy products

This is one of the best finger foods for baby that is dairy merchandise contain numerous essential nutrients and vitamins in them. Products like milk, curd, paneer, butter milk is best for your baby. For that, you’ll attempt creating fragmented cheese, soft and cubed bean curd and your children can easily fond of it.

7. Cereals

Oat cereal, dry cereal, cereals with dry fruits, cereal with pieces of favorite fruits will be an excellent breakfast for your baby. It contains lots of helpful nutrients and vitamins in it. The studies explain that cereals are the favorite finger foods for baby that keeps your baby healthy and strong.

8. Kids favorite

Once in a while, you also need to make something which your kids love! You can try making such entertaining as well as healthy items such as cooked soft pasta, baby puffs, baby rice crackers, soft tortilla pieces, small bits of thin cream cheese and offer them a healthy treat at home.

9. Other healthy grains

Along with other grains, finely cooked rice with shredded cheese or rice with roasted vegetables will be the delicious treat for your kids. Grains are very essential for your baby because they contain lots of fibers and nutrients in them and offer a lot of minerals. Those nutrients helps very much for your baby it’s keeps many diseases.

10. Your creations

You can think of some unique items prepared for your kids choice. Because mom’s only the taste of their children so choose in vegetables and fruits which your kids love, and make something new for your creation. You can also make smoothies or shakes with fruits for your baby.

conclusion :-

These are the top 10 best finger foods for baby so all the parents should be follow there babies are healthy and strong and live a better life in future.


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