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Dengue fever : Symptoms, treatment, steps to avoid


What is dengue fever?

Dengue is spread from dengue virus it causes viral fever. It mainly comes through the bite of Aedes aegipty mosquito. This mosquito is also called tiger mosquito. In most of the cases, dengue fever has self-limiting. Some people have the blood platelets count decreases to danger rate in the body. Some other cases it occurs internal organ bleeding to the affected patient. At that time a patient needs to consult the doctor for treatment immediately.

Dengue fever : Symptoms, treatment, steps to avoid
Mosquito bite

Types of dengue viruses

In dengue virus, it has three types of dengue viruses like
Dengue without warning signs
Dengue with warning signs
Severe dengue

Dengue without warning signs

This type of dengue fever comes from the people who live in endemic regions they have more chance to affect this type of dengue fever. It shows some symptoms to the affected patient like high-temperature fever, vomiting, generalized body pains, rashes, these are the symptoms can be seen in affected persons. This type of test can be found only with the blood test and ternate test. In this test, the affected person white blood cells count will be seen in very low.

Dengue with warning signs

The same symptoms can be observed in the above mentioned with those symptoms we can find some other symptoms like stomach pain, water enters into lungs in a plural layer, stomach under layer bleeding, tiredness these symptoms can be observed in affected person. During the blood test, we can see the red blood cells count increases and the platelets count decreases up to very low.

Severe dengue

In this type, we can see those symptoms like during internal organ bleeding patient gone into depress or shock.In lungs water was entered at that time it is very difficult to take respiration. During heavy internal organ, a bleeding patient has the chance to go in a faint. Internal organs are failed to do their work it also called organ failure it was the very complicated and dangerous situation we need to take treatment immediately.

Tests are available to determine the dengue fever

Present days with the help of advanced technology it’s easy to determine the dengue virus. These type of test like Immature platelets fraction this advanced medical test is available in all medical centers. In this test, we can find platelet size and platelets count. In blood platelets related full details and the production of platelets with the help of specific bone like bone marrow condition also able to determine in this test.

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Some medicines are a danger to dengue affected person

In normal fever cases we use some medicines like aspirin, and brufin but the dengue-affected person can’t use those medicines because aspirin medicine works to blood thinner. Due to these platelets and have a chance of bleeding. If use aspirin and brufin also other types of medicines it has a chance to bleeding it is very dangerous to the health. So dengue affected person does not use this type of medicines. If platelets decreased up to below one lakh it needs to take test regularly.

Platelets are increases and decreases at a whole time. But if the platelets are decreased up to 20000 below it was very dangerous at that time we need to go to the hospital for treatment.

There are some steps to follow for safe from dengue virus

All the other diseases like dengue virus have should be prevented to bite the tiger mosquito. This mosquito bite in only in early morning. They put eggs on stored water. So in our houses try to remove the stored water and maintain clean. There are some steps should be followed to prevent the mosquito bite.

• In our houses maintain the sunlight enter into the house in all sides because aedis aegipty mosquito likes the dark places for putting their eggs.

• Try to use mesh to doors and windows to prevent the mosquito enter into the house.

• This mosquito put their eggs in stored water. So water drums, barrels, tires, coolers, flower pots surroundings maintain clean and try to remove water in those things. Mix bleaching powder in water except in drinking water due to this we can avoid to mosquito put their eggs in water.

• Use full sleeves in houses and use socks trousers to cover legs for a mosquito bite.

• Use mosquito repellents in a day or night for 4 to 6 hours a day.
These are the steps should be followed for preventing the mosquito bite

Treatment for dengue virus

Dengue is the virus so it does not have any medicines. Treatment available for only dengue symptoms means symptomatic treatment. Dengue virus affected patient treatment like maintaining blood pressure to normal and give oral rehydration solutions – (ORS) to the patient. If the patient went into shock the doctor gives IV fluids through veins to the patient. For internal bleeding, a patient uses fresh blood, platelets, fresh frozen plasma (FFP). If the platelets count decreased up to less than 20 thousand it was very dangerous at that time need to inject the platelets in the body to the patient. This virus can attack both children and adults or aged people. Pregnant ladies need to more careful if the fever comes then immediately consult the doctor for treatment.

Vaccines are available for dengue virus

For dengue virus vaccines are available. But it was a little problem world health organization (WHO) orders this vaccine it was given only to the second time dengue affected person. Because if the virus attack in the second time it was very dangerous so this vaccine prevents internal organ bleeding to the patient. For normal dengue virus, it was not necessary to give the vaccine.

What happens if dengue attacks the second time?

Normal first time affected dengue to the patient was cured and if dengue attack second time also it was very dangerous. For spreading dengue virus it has four types. In this types the same type of dengue virus came at the second time is no danger but the other type of dengue virus affect it was very dangerous. So the dengue virus is more dangerous then it attacks the second time.

Tests available to determine the dengue virus

• CBP test was available should be check in every 24 hours a day.

• For determine dengue virus NS1 antigen test available.

• Dengue IgM test are available. This test report would be late to show the results.

Some very dangerous symptoms of dengue that can observe

Some important symptoms of dengue virus are severe di hydration, in some cases hemoglobin concentration increases due to this bleeding is not stop it continuously flows, liver enlarge would happen, heartbeat rate would be less than up to 60 per minute. Due to bleeding, fits, the brain would have the chance to damage it also have the chance to damage the immunity system.

If the heartbeat is decreased to less than 60 per minute it a very dangerous situation to the patient in that situation should kept in the intensive care unit.

Some identification that can observe in a dangerous situation of dengue virus

Identifications like suffering from heavy stomach pain, black color constipation, bleeding in nose and mouth, di hydration, body temperature decrease these are the identifications of danger situation of dengue virus during this time we need to immediately go to a hospital.

These are the steps, symptoms, treatment that was mentioned in this article. I hope this article helpful to us. So thanks for reading…..


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