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Health benefits of apples : benefits and side effects


Health benefits of apples

There is more than a 7500 varieties of apples available in the world today. Apple contains 5% of protein. Appletree can live more than a 100 years above. Apple contains lots of vitamins, minerals, fibers. If we take one apple in a day on a regular basis we don’t need to consult the doctor in our life. It has a lot of health benefits of apples it works like a medical kit to the body. Doctor recommended taking one apple in the diet every day. There are some health benefits of apple mention in the below

Health benefits of apples

 Ability to protects from cancers

Apple contains powerful antioxidants like flavonoids so it protects from a lot of cancers. It avoids cancer in the pancreas. It has triterpenoids nutrients through this it protects from liver cancer, large intestine cancer, breast cancer, and brain tumor.

Apples  maintains brain healthy

This fruit makes the brain sharp and healthy. It protects from Alzheimer diseases in the brain. It also avoids the Parkinson’s disease spreading in the brain.

Pakage of huge fibers

Yes it is a pakage of huge fibers with this it prevents the constipation problem, pails problem, ire table bevel syndrome would decrease through fibers. Apple contains the cider vinegar so it prevents the stones formation in the kidney and urinary system.

Helps to control the weight

It is one of the best health benefits of apples if we eat regularly it control the weight gaining and maintain health. It removes the bad cholesterol in the body. It increases good cholesterol. So people who will want to reduce their weight they need to take this fruit in their diet.

Removes cholesterol  in the body

This fruit  removes the cholesterol in the body. It controls the flow of blood smoothly in blood veins. It removes the bad cholesterol in heart and it maintains the heart healthy.

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Boosts up the immune system in the body

Generally it contains vitamin – c due to this it improves and give strength to the immunity power in the body due to this it can avoid the many diseases. Apple removes the de-toxify (poisonous toxins) in the liver. Apple contains iron and boron due to this it gives strength to the bones and reduces many problems of bones. Apple maintains the bones healthy and strong.

Teeths make healthy and stronger

Chewing of one apple on regular basis it reduces the plague in the mouth and it controls the production of saliva. It also prevents from the tooth decay. It also decreases the level of bacteria in the mouth.

Decreases the diabetes problem

This is one the health benefits of apples because it has a lot of fibers due through this it controls the sugar level in blood and also in the pancreas. This is the best fruit for controlling the sugar level so we need to take one apple on a regular basis.

Prevent gallstones formation

Gallstones means its too much formation of the cholesterol in a liquid in bile. So apple fibers it helps to remove that cholesterol in the body. Mostly doctors recommended taking this fruit in diet high fibers like apples it helps to control the cholesterol levels in the body.

Side effects of the apple

If we eat apple 4 to 5 times a day it has a chance to increase the blood sugar levels in the body it leads to diabetes.

The seeds of apples are very dangerous if we eat 4 to 5 apple with seeds it leads to the death of the person. Because it contains crinoid in the apple seeds.

It has another side effect of apple that is if we take more apples in a day it damages the teeth because it contains some acidic so it damages the teeth. It gives more damage than soft drinks.


In the conclusion of this apple should take only one in a day it is better for our health. Try to don’t eat more apple in a day. If we eat limit we live healthier and stronger.

This is the health benefits of apples mention in the above article I hope this post will help you my readers…..


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